ECSU Tennis Wraps up its Season

April 26, 2018

The Elizabeth City State University Women’s Tennis team concluded their 2017-18 campaign on Thursday, April 19th with a first round loss to the Golden Bulls of Johnson C. Smith University. They finished the season with a 2-11 overall record (all matches in conference). The Lady Vikings also finished in 7th out of 9 teams in the CIAA.

The Lady Golden Bulls were victorious 5-0, and did not allow ECSU a game en route to victory. They went on to finish in second place, being shutout by Shaw in the final match of the CIAA Women’s Tennis Championship.

“Wind and poor conditions can actually be a great equalizer when playing against a stronger team. But, every single player for JCSU made excellent decisions, and never overplayed,” said Harfst. “It was impressive stuff. I’m as competitive as it gets. But, sometimes you just have to say too good, and improve where you can. Coach Staton and her assistants are excellent at what they do. They’re building a strong system. They recruit well, and we are chasing them and all the other programs. CIAA Women’s tennis is no cake walk.”

Coach Harfst later explained, “Every single player on the court for ECSU at CIAA had grown to the point where when they walked off the court they were analyzing the skills and tactics being employed by JCSU. They weren’t defeated or down after a shut out loss and a 2-10 season. They got in the van to head home, and simply wanted to get better.”

“We got back from Maryland in the early morning hours on Friday. The three players returning to the squad for next year already wanted to practice the next day. You can’t ask for more than that.”

When asked how he felt about the season as a whole Harfst shared, “We didn’t end up where I thought we would. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in wins and losses. But, I wouldn’t trade where we are right now for anything in the world. This was my third year. When I started I had a three, a five, and a ten year goal or vision if you will for where I wanted the program to be. We are right on track.”

When asked what the exact goals were Coach smiled, “Well, I don’t plan on sharing my program designs, but I’m proud of what has been accomplished. I hope that our Viking family takes pride in what we are doing.”

When asked about his seniors graduating Harfst took a deep breath. “Well, I think every year that I’ve been here I’ve asked for a little bit more from my players. ECSU wasn’t a tennis school before I got here like a Shaw, or a JCSU, and we still aren’t on that level. But, whether a player was on my squad for four weeks or three seasons I think I’ve been fortunate for their dedication.

It’s because of individuals like Jocelyn Lewis, Brianna Henderson, Tatiana Cuffie, THE Vanisha Berry, and others that we WILL be a tennis school. I’m definitely not trying to think about graduation though. It will be a big change not having the players on campus that have been with me the whole time I’ve been here.”

Coach finished by saying, “With Isabella, Tenel, and Sar coming back next year I’m already energized to up my game as a coach, improve our training system, improve the schedule, everything will need to step up.

These three freshmen took every opportunity every day to get better. Their ability to learn and improve, to lead, to strive for more it’s going to take ECSU tennis to new places. The 2018-19 season is going to be in good hands under their leadership.”