Dr. Claudie J. Mackey
Dr. Claudie J. Mackey
Faculty Athletic Representative

Englehard, NC

Alma Mater:
Elizabeth City State University

Dr. Claudie J. Mackey earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Education (B.S.) from Elizabeth City State University; a Master of Arts in Education (M.ED.) from Hofstra University; a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Education (C.A.G.S.) and Doctor of Education (EdD.) from Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University.

Since 1977 Dr. Mackey has been employed at Elizabeth City State University. He has served as Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs/External Relations, Interim Dean - School of Education and Psychology, Senior Professor - School of Education and Psychology, Assistant Athletic Director/Development, Coordinator of Athletic Advertisement, Head Basketball and Head Track Coach, Director of the Northeastern NC Communication Skills Enhancement Program, Director of the Maynard Project, Project Administrator for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Project in the Elizabeth City/Pasquotank Public Schools, Project Director for the Northeastern North Carolina Transition to Teaching Project and Project Director for the Northeastern North Carolina School Leadership Program.

While employed with the New York City Board of Education, Dr. Mackey served as Assistant to the Principal, Dean of Discipline, and as a Teacher in Special Programs. He also worked with the Manpower Development Training Program and School District #16 K where he worked as a Camp Director, a Group Leader, a Coach and Organizer of a Drug Prevention Program and in the Youth Gang Relations.

Dr. Mackey holds an educational licensure (Superintendent; Principal (Grades K-12); Curriculum Instructional Specialist; Business Education (Grades 9-12) and Exceptional Children Program Administrator (K-12) in the State of North Carolina. In the State of New York, he held certification in the areas of Educational Administration/Secondary Education, Supervision and Business Education.

Since 1991, Dr. Mackey (as Principal Investigator) has submitted proposals for funding exceeding 14 million dollars. He has received grants funded from corporate, national, state and philanthropic agencies that exceed 7.6 million dollars. The most recent being a 2.9 million dollar grant from the U. S. Department of Education that has as its' mission to afford the opportunity for 72 educators to earn a Master of Arts in School Administration. In addition, 80 current principals and administrators have the opportunity to participate in professional development initiatives that is expected to make them become stronger instructional leaders. Nine school districts in northeastern North Carolina participate in this program.

Dr. Mackey has experience as a professional athlete in the sport of football with the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent in 1965 and 1966. He also spent two years in semi pro football with the Charleston Rockets and the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Continental Football League. He completed his active football life with the Golden Knights of Brooklyn, New York. In addition, he played pro basketball for one year with the Trenton Colonials of the Continental Basketball Association. He acknowledges the guidance he received from three legendary coaches, "Bobby" Vaughan, "Big House" Gaines and John McLendon, is the source of wisdom in which he abstracts.

As a coach, he had the opportunity to recruit and/or coach outstanding athletes such as Pierre Bland (ALL CIAA - drafted by the Atlanta Hawks); Thomas Blue (4 time ALL CIAA and 2 time CIAA Player of the Year); Nate Higgs (ALL CIAA & Player of the Year, Seattle Supersonics); Arthur "Boo Boo" Gaskins (ALL CIAA - Washington Bullets); Tim McDaniels (ALL CIAA - Player of the Year); Maurice Barnett (Harlem Globetrotters); Mike Gale (ALL CIAA - NBA 14 years), Ernie Griffin (ALL CIAA - Washington Bullets); Shawn Walker (ALL CIAA two years and former ECSU Head Basketball Coach, current head coach and Ronald Stewart (4 time All America Hurdler).

When ECSU was crowned as the 1981 CIAA Basketball Champions, this was a major event for Coach Mackey who, at the time, was serving as the ECSU Associate Head Basketball Coach. Later in post season play, ECSU participated as a finalist in the South Atlantic Regional Championship at Mt. St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Coach Mackey was also a part of the staff at ECSU that won the South Atlantic Regional Championship in 1978 at Towson State in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Mackey has served as the Chairman of the NCAA South Atlantic Regional Basketball Committee as well as the NCAA Division II Atlantic Regional Basketball Committee. He also has served as a member of the NCAA Division II National Basketball Committee for two terms. He currently serves as a member of the NCAA Division II Championships Committee.

Dr. Mackey has published in the area of the "Prediction of Freshman Withdrawing from an Emerging State University" and "Graduation Success." He has presented at national and local conferences. They include in part: "A Summit on the Shortage of African American Males in Teacher Education;" Workshop on the Impact of the No Child Left Behind Legislation; "The Twenty-One County Service Area SAT-ACT Public School Teachers' Workshop," SAT/PRAXIS Workshops for Public School Teachers and College Students, Professors and College Pre-service Teachers; National Association Basketball Coaches Convention, Elite Eight Y.E.S. Clinics at the NCAA Division II National Championships, Springfield, Mass. and Louisville, Kentucky; NCAA - National Youth Sports Program Regional Workshop in Charlotte, NC; and conducted Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Workshops for twenty-three LEAs.

Thus far, Dr. Mackey has served at Elizabeth City State University in the following capacities: NCATE Steering Committee, SDPI Committee - Chairman, CAEP Logistics and NCATE/NCDPI Logistics Committees - Chairman, SACS Steering Committee l999, SACS Special Arrangements Committee l999, New Professional Teaching Standards Committee, Delegate to the University of North Carolina Faculty Assembly, Chairman of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee of the University of North Carolina, Faculty Athletic Representative, First Faculty Senate Chairperson, Administrative Council, Teacher Education Advisory Council, Teacher Education Initial Licensure Committee -- Chairperson and Student Leadership Advisory Board. He was a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Association of Teacher Education of North Carolina, National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, United Federation of Teachers and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Dr. Mackey is a former member (2014) of the Albemarle Hospital Board of Commissioners, former member of the Pasquotank County Board of Adjustments, former Chairman of the Elizabeth City/Pasquotank County Drug Task Force, former member of the North. Carolina Governors Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention/Intervention Committee and Grants Reader, ECSU American Education Week Committee, Elizabeth City State University Fund-Raising Advisory Board, and Elizabeth City State University's Alumni Association (Life Member). He is a proud church member of the Mount of Elizabeth City and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Dr. Mackey has received numerous awards which include: the 2009 National Association of Basketball Coaches Guardian of the Game Pillar Award in Education, the 2009 Elizabeth City State University Founders Day Public Service Award, the 2007 University of North Carolina/Elizabeth City State University Board of Governors' Excellence in Teaching Award, the 2007 National Council of Negro Women Bethune Recognition Community Service Award, the 2007 Trey Whitfield Foundation Award, the ECSU Chancellor's Award for 2006, the ECSU Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award, the Founder-Executive Committee Member Award for the Down East Viking Football Classic, Founder-Albemarle Sports Club Award, Founder-Project Voice Inc. Community Service Award, the ECSU Presidents' Citation from the (NAFEO), the Elizabeth City State University Sports Hall of Fame-Founder/Inductee and the 2012 Induction into the CIAA Hall of Fame. Most recently, he was named the Marc Basnight Endowed Chair in the Helen Marshall Caldwell Department of Education and Psychology at Elizabeth City State University.